Hello Mama,

It's lovely to have you here,
I'm Ashton, a passionate photographer living in Jarrahdale - a fierce protector to four children , a loving wife, sunset lover, and a sunlight chaser. I am passionate about self- development and self- healing. I'm always learning to embrace life's moments in all it's magic with my loved ones. 

As a photographer, I aim to capture the essence of moments that are often overlooked in the chaos of life. Through my passion for photography, I have found a way to connect with mothers on a deeper level and bring their stories to life. I was first a woman and always will be a mother, These roles have shaped me into the powerful and emotive artist I am today. It is through the journey of motherhood that I approach my work, with an honest and authentic perspective that resonates with those who view my imagery. For me, photography is more than just a profession, it's a way to empower and inspire others through imagery that captures the beauty and complexity of life. 

My purpose is to bring you the most incredible experience from the moment we first exchange words to the day i deliver your images to your home and far beyond then.