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Capturing Life’s Precious Moments

Hello and a warm welcome! My name is Ashton, a devoted mother, a loving wife, and the passionate photographer behind Ashton Jane Photography, nestled in the heart of Jarrahdale, WA, but extending services across Perth. My journey into photography was born from a deep passion for celebrating and empowering women, particularly through the profound journey of motherhood.

Ashton Jane Photography

The Essence of My Photography

At Ashton Jane Photography, I delve into the emotive and enduring connections between mothers and their loved ones, striving to highlight the unparalleled strength and beauty of women. After a pivotal year of reflection and self-discovery, I was drawn irrevocably towards specialising in motherhood, Maternity, Newborn and homegrown family documentary and womanhood photography. It’s not merely about capturing images; it’s about providing a platform for women to see their extraordinary, often overlooked, daily feats and the powerful love they embody.

A Journey into Photography

My transition from a creative entrepreneur to a photographer was as unexpected as it was fated. Having founded a successful children’s clothing line that reached international shores, I discovered my love for photography through the lens of showcasing my creations. The decision to pivot fully into photography came with the arrival of my third daughter, marking the beginning of Ashton Jane Photography, for me, became a sanctuary and a form of expression, allowing me to capture the world’s beauty and the intricate stories of the women within it.

Empowering Through the Lens

Life’s challenges have a way of reshaping our perspectives, particularly so in my case. Facing the deepest fears and emerging with a newfound purpose has led me to focus on using photography as a tool for empowerment. Through my lens, I aspire to offer healing, to celebrate resilience, and to remind every woman of her inherent beauty and strength, especially in times when society might have them believe otherwise.

Your Experience with Ashton Jane Photography

Embarking on a session with Ashton Jane Photography is to step into a space of understanding, connection, and unwavering support. From in-home consultations to personalised wardrobe selections and mood boards, every step is curated to ensure you feel seen, heard, and beautifully represented. Our meetings before the session are more than preparatory; they are the foundation of a meaningful relationship, ensuring that when the day comes, it feels like a reunion rather than a first encounter.

Celebrating Every Woman

The mission of Ashton Jane Photography is clear – to celebrate the diversity of womanhood and motherhood, to tell the stories that are often left untold. Through this blog, we will explore the myriad experiences of women, offering educational content, inspirational stories, and a peek into the heartfelt sessions behind the scenes. This platform is more than a blog; it’s a community where authenticity, empowerment, and connection reign supreme.

Looking Forward

As we journey together through this blog, expect a treasure trove of memories, inspiration, and invaluable insights into motherhood and womanhood photography. From session planning guides and seasonal shoot ideas to the empowering stories that weave through the fabric of everyday life, this blog is a testament to the beauty and resilience of women.

I invite you to join this community, to engage, share, and perhaps find a bit of yourself in the stories told here. Whether you’re looking to book a session or simply seeking a space that celebrates womanhood in all its forms, you’ve found your haven here with Ashton Jane Photography.

Subscribe to our blog, follow us on social media, and let’s embark on this beautiful journey together. Because every woman deserves to be celebrated, every motherhood journey deserves recognition, and every moment of empowerment is worth capturing.

Welcome to Ashton Jane Photography, where we capture life’s precious moments and celebrate the incredible journey of womanhood and motherhood, one photo at a time.

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