Winter Photoshoot in Perth: What Every Family Needs to Know

Are you planning a winter photoshoot in Perth?

Here are some tips for you-

Winter brings a magical charm to the outdoors with its crisp air and stunning natural backdrops, making it a perfect time for a family photoshoot in Perth. Whether it’s the frost-kissed forests of Jarrahdale, the whispery grass of Roleystone, or the serene hills of Armadale, Western Australia offers many picturesque locations for capturing your family’s most cherished moments. Here’s your essential guide to planning an unforgettable outdoor winter photoshoot in Perth and surrounds, ensuring every detail from outfit choices to locations enhances your experience.

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Choosing the Right Location

Winter landscapes provide unique, scenic backgrounds that add a dramatic touch to any photograph. Consider locations like the majestic rooted forests of Jarrahdale, perfect for intimate, close images under an accent tree, or flowing waters of Roleystone that beautifully catch the winter season. Armadale’s hills offer expansive views, giving your photos a breathtaking sense of scale and beauty. Each of these locations provides a different mood and aesthetic, allowing you to choose one that best matches your family’s style. At Ashton Jane Photography, i provide you with a list of some of the most magical winter photography spots around Perth.

Dress for the Season

Outfit choices for a winter photoshoot in Perth are not only about looking good but also about comfort and texture. Layering is key. Think chunky knits, scarves, and hats that not only keep you warm but also add depth and interest to your images with their varied textures. Rich, deep colours like Olive, browns, and creams can contrast beautifully with the dark winter landscape, creating striking visuals. Don’t shy away from accessories like throws, blankets and your winter boots which can add a playful and practical element to your shoot. If you have a session booked with me, we go into detail around what to wear at your photoshoot. A what to wear guide will be sent, plus a video of my client wardrobe. I can also provide you with a shoppable mood board with links to our local stores in Perth.

Understand Winter Lighting

Winter light is unique; it’s softer and comes from a lower angle, creating long, intriguing shadows and a golden glow that’s especially flattering during the golden hours after sunrise or before sunset. However, the sun sets early in winter, so plan your shoot for mid-to-late afternoon to take full advantage of the best light without rushing against the setting sun. Winter Season is my favourite time of year for family shoots in Perth. We can start are session any time of the day, even if it’s an outdoor session. I provide places with shelter from the rain. And not to forget my all time favourite during winter – a homegrown session documenting your family in the place you call home.

Embrace the Winter Elements

Perth’s winter weather can be unpredictable, so it’s important to embrace whatever the day brings. Rain can add a whimsical, airy feel to your images with A LOT of fun. While a foggy morning can create a moody, dramatic effect. Even a cloudy day provides diffused light that can make your family photos look soft and ethereal. Ensure your photographer is skilled at using the natural elements to enhance your photos rather than detract from them.

Perth Family Shoot in winter Rockingham
Capture Tender Moments

Winter naturally brings families closer together, physically and emotionally, as you huddle for warmth and share in the beauty of the season. Use this closeness to capture tender moments. A hug under a shared blanket, holding hands as you walk through a foggy field, or a child riding on a parent’s shoulders—these are the intimate moments that reflect the true spirit of your family. Let these spontaneous interactions take centerstage during your photoshoot.

Preparing for the Day of your photoshoot

Finally, make sure everyone is prepared for a few hours outside: keep warm drinks on hand, bring extra blankets, a change of clothing if you plan to embrace the rain and consider having a nearby indoor location as a backup in case the weather changes unexpectedly. As your photographer i will provide this for you.


An outdoor winter photoshoot is an exquisite way to document your family’s story against the backdrop of Perth’s stunning winter scenery. By planning ahead, choosing the right outfits, and embracing the unique qualities of the season, you’ll not only enjoy the experience but also create beautiful, lasting memories captured in every single frame. Remember, it’s not just about the photos—it’s about the memorable day you spent together as a family.

If you are wanting to know more about having your own winter family Photoshoot, Please get in touch for my welcome guide that goes over each in detail from in-home photoshoots to outdoor photoshoots.

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